Football Championship in Brazil

Football is an incredibly popular sport in Brazil, with men and women, old and young taking great pleasure in watching the sport.  Football inspires passion and fire, as well as disappointments and heartbreaks. The thrill of a person’s team winning creates joy and elation, but the sorrow of a team losing can cause great misery and frustration.

The Mato Grosso

This vast swathe of land that ranges from the thick jungle-covered reaches of the Amazonian basin in the north to the endless sea of Pantanal swamp pools in the south, is the third largest political region in all of Brazil, and one of the country’s veritable hubs of natural beauty.

The FIFA World Cup 2014 will be held in the enormous South American country of Brazil. There are twelve host cities, spread all across the country.

There are eight groups within the FIFA World Cup 2014 competition, which will be help in South America’s large and football mad country of Brazil. The groups are separated by letters, from A through to H.

Group A consists of Brazil, the national team, Croatia, Cameroon, and Mexico. 

Group B contains Australia, Spain, the Netherlands, and Chile.

Japan, Greece, Colombia, and Ivory Coast are in Group C

The FIFA World Cup 2014 is rapidly approaching, with the first match scheduled at Brazil’s Arena Itaquera in Sao Paulo for the 12th of June.

Pitch fever is currently growing in Brazil, as the country prepares to host the FIFA World Cup in 2014. Brazilians are incredibly passionate about the game at any time, so the World Cup is sure to be a frenzied and exhilarating time all across the country, with national flags flown and sporting kits worn with immense pride.

10 Greatest Moments in Brazilian Football

Brazil has long been regarded as one of the world’s leading countries in terms of football prowess. The country has produced many of the world’s greatest players, including the man often referred to as the greatest footballer of all time – Pele.  This year Brazil is honored to hold the 2014 World Cup.

Brazil on a Budget

Brazil is known for being one of the most expensive places in South America for visitors.  Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are especially notorious for their high prices, and are amongst the most expensive places in the Western Hemisphere.  Of course, the already high prices also soar at certain times of the year, for example Christmas, New Year, and Carnival time.  Avoiding these times can save a fair bit of money, although there are still ways to not completely blow your budget at these times too. 

Safety in Brazil

Brazil offers many things for visitors. There are varied landscapes, from the gorgeous beaches, to the Amazon region, the stunning Iguazu Falls, the soaring Andes Mountains, and dry, arid deserts. There are world class cities bursting with world class attractions. One can enjoy a vibrant night life mixed with a tame countryside atmosphere. It is a country of really delightful contrasts, an one that continues to attract multitudes of visitors each and every year.

Traditional Dress in Brazil

South America’s Brazil is a massive country. It has seen many different nationalities and civilizations over the years, all of whom have helped to shape the Brazilian culture into what it is today. There is no particular national costume as such in Brazil, rather a collection of traditional outfits from different parts of the expansive country. This traditional, or folk, clothing, helped to give people in the past a sense of identity and belonging. It represents one’s culture.