Top 10 Beaches in Brazil

Although the Copacabana Beach essentially put Brazil on the touristic map, there are many more beautiful beaches to this country and it’s one of the romantic hotspots of Brazil. Brazil’s beaches are voted some of the top best beaches to see in the world. Crystal clear water, white sand, rainforest views and mystical sunsets are just some of what you’ll see here.  Although there are too many beaches to name, here is a list of the Top 10 Beaches in Brazil.

1. Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha is a cluster of 21 island beaches located in the Atlantic Ocean. This chain of beaches has plenty of marine life such as sea tortoises and dolphins. There is a natural wall that is the shelter for many seabirds too. These beaches offer beautiful landscapes and some spots have great waves for surfing while others have perfectly calm water. There is plenty of coral formation and it is a great location for scuba diving. You can get there by air taking a domestic flight from several cities or by sea.

2. Bonete

Bonete is just one of the 41 beautiful beaches of the Ilhabela island. This is not an easy one to get to but worth the effort. You will have to walk a fairly long path to get there but there is plenty to see along the way.  You’ll travel through coastal forests and see plenty of waterfalls. The beach is a half-mile strip of sand that has some of the best surfing around. It is recommended to stay overnight due to the walk there but there is a small loving community there to welcome your stay. If you don’t feel like making the long walk back, you can catch a boat or a canoe here.

3. Caraiva

This beautiful beach is next to the village in the south coast of Bahia. No motorized transport is able to get to Caraiva. So, you’re either going to have to walk or ride in a cart behind the mule. It is so quiet here you can hear the wind blowing through the almond trees. There is plenty of golden sand here and although it is fairly secluded, there is a handful of bars spread out there waiting for you.

4. Lagoinha do Leste

Lagoinha do Leste is in the city of Florianópolis and located in the southeast of the island of Santa Catarina. It might be paradise at its best. The landscape is full of lagoons, full waves and warm clear waters.  This beach can be reached by foot. The beach is known for the moonlight glimmering off the crystal clear water so be sure to stay until the sun goes down because this is a site you don’t want to miss. This beach is very isolated so tourists have to bring their own food and drinks but please clean up your garbage. It is recommended to travel in groups if you’re travelling at night.

5. Arpoador

Arpoador is a spot mainly known for being the best surfing spot in Rio de Janeiro. It boasts 7 to 10 foot waves non-stop. There’s a strong riptide that creates a quick re-entry. There is only a small take off point and it is only ideal for locals or tourist of professional level surfing capabilities.

6. Praia do Sancho

Praia do Sancho is located in the beaches of Fernando de Noronha but it’s so beautiful it gets its own honorable mention. Some say there is really not another beach that can compare to it.  It is perfect for divers and is the home of plenty of tropical fish, rays, sharks and turtles. You can arrive there by walking through other beaches, by boat or if you’re brave, you can descend a metal ladder that is placed on a crack in the cliff.

7. Praia da Fazenda

Praia da Fazenda finds its home between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.  It is heavily protected by forest and coastal mountains. This little hidden treasure will give you fish jumping, dolphins swimming and even a whale or two. There is plenty of kayaking, long board surfing and natural springs to swim in.

8. Praia do Toque

Praia do Toque is not far from the city of São Miguel dos Milagres, in the state of Alagoas. The water is not just crystal clear, but it is warm as bath water. The beach goes for miles and you won’t see many more than a handful of fisherman here. It is very secluded and the sunsets are breathtaking. This is also the home to plenty of manatees.

9. Praia de Fora

Praia de Fora this is the meaning of a truly beautiful beach. It is situated in Rio between the Morro Cara de Cão and the Sugar Loaf Cliff. Natural pools with reef and a resending tide are here which makes it perfect for snorkeling to see plenty of tropical fish. The moon is said to seem larger here than anywhere else. You want to stay until night time.

10. Praia Alter do Chão

Praia do Alter do Chão is located at the heart of the Amazon rainforest, this is beach is called the green inferno’s golden paradise. There is a sandbar beach that forms in island and is prettiest when the water is low.  There is also the entrance to large lagoon here. The dry season offers transparent water in shades of turquoise.  These are the most beautiful waters you will ever see.

You can’t truly understand the beauty of Brazilian beaches until you witness them first hand. Whatever beach you go to you are sure to fall in love and you can even make your own top 10 list of beaches in Brazil during your stay here.