Recife is a marvelous resort and a capital of Pernambuku state. Often referred as “Brazilian Venice“, it is crossed by several warm channels and protected by coral Barrier reef. The name Recife comes from Arabian “Arrecifes “, which means reefs that can be seen in any part of the city. It is the reefs that make picturesque views of 24 beaches that host wild and fun Brazilian carnivals.

Fifth largest city in Brazil is famous for its mangle forests that occupy more than 60 % of the city. Recife mangle forests are densely inhabited by exotic butterflies, birds and monkeys. Tourists who come to the city order various tours around the forests, which include horseback riding, bicycle and hiking.

Of course Recife’s main attractions are numerous beaches that are seem to frame the city from outside. One of the most popular beaches is called Boa viagem. This beach is a so-called little town in the city where you can rest on a white sand beach, try delicious Brazilian cuisine and buy handmade souvenirs. Boa viagem starts one of the most wanted tours in the city, which includes a general excursion throughout the city and UNESCO World Heritage spot Olinda. The town Olinda in Portuguese means “Oh, beautiful!”.  It was the first capital of Pernambuku state; it is a town of narrow, curve streets and ancient cathedrals. Each tour includes a stop at the Monastery de San Benedict, which is known all over the world by its altar – a main symbol of Brazilian Baroque.

One of the top reasons the city is called Brazilian Venice is because it is united by 40 charming bridges that cross Beberibe, Capibaribe and Jordao rivers. There is also a large water park called Venice with one million square feet area that includes various extreme slides and rides.

Central part of the city is famous for its magnificent architecture. Historical center is often recognized by Ricardo Brendad Institute that hosts the largest collection of Middle Age’s weapon. The institute is surrounded by marvelous gardens and lakes which makes it a significant place to be visited in Recife.

Talking about Recife’s architecture one should surely visit City’s Sculpture Park that has a permanent collection of 90 fascinating works by most famous Brazilian sculptor Francisco Brennada.
Like any other Brazilian resort city Recife is famous for its wild entertainment that has everything to make you experience real Brazilian nightlife. All night parties, tasty meals and endless dancing will take you to the joyful world of Brazilian samba and hot carnivals.

For those who prefer exotic beaches there is a perfect gateway called Gaibu beach. Picturesque beaches and nice infrastructure make it one of the most beloved places for tourists. About here is situated Pernambuku’s most important landmark Caliestas bay, also known as a perfect gateway from the city. Visiting the bay you may climb a high rock which opens a breathtaking panorama to ever green forests and endless ocean.