Top Reasons to Love Brazil

Maybe we don’t need any reasons to love something. You just come to the county and feel it is for you to not. Brazil has a lot to offer to every traveller and we know, once you visited it, you’ll have a lot of reasons to come back here again. But if you are just thinking why you should come here, here are some reasons for you:

The Music and Dances

Brazil is internationally known thanks to famous Samba dance. There are, however, many more dances in Brazil than just Samba. Some of them manage to turn nightclubs into choreographic musicals. You don’t have to know each dance to enjoy the rhythm and music. Brazilian music as well as its dances are extremely enthusiastic and won’t live you indifferent.


The whole country seems to explode with fun, colors and music during the Carnivalin Brazil. The event seems to bring the whole country together. It is the most intense and beloved annual party visited by tourists from different countries of the world.  It is the country’s top attraction.

The Football

Soccer in Brazil is a sort of religion. When in Rio, visiting Maracana Stadium is a must. In 1950 during the World Cup Final the Stadium was visited by 199,854 people – the record for a single game attendance. In Brazil football and TV series are never shown at the same time on TV as these are probably the two most favorite things of all Brazilians.

The Beaches

Brazil coastline is about 8 000 km of white sand. Brazil can really be called a beach country. There are top 10 beaches in Brazil that are filled with people every day. The most famous ones are Ipanema and Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro. Brazil offers great opportunities for surfing and watersports.

The Wildlife

Brazil is a pretty big country known for its biodiversity. More than one-third of all the world’s species live in the Amazon. You have a chance to see anacondas, piranhas and numerous species of birds. For real wildlife lovers there is even a hotel in Manaus in the middle of the Amazon – The Ariau Amazon Towers. It is the largest hotel in the world. Here you may experience the ultimate in eco-tourism – trek the rainforest and swim with pink dolphins. This hotel greatly differs from the other hotels in Brazil.

Activities You Can Do

Each country has its own peculiarities. Brazil in its turn is truly unique. Here are plenty of places to go:

  • rafting
  • hiking
  • trekking
  • backpacking
  • climbing
  • surfing
  • snorkeling
  • piranha fishing

The Food

When meat is served you usually receive a card with two sides: green and red. The green side means that you are eager to taste more, the red one means that you are ready to stop and you don’t want anymore. If you don’t show the red card the waiter will continue to serve you with more meat. Brazil is also known for its tropical delicious fruits rich in vitamins.

The People

People here seem to be always happy with their lives. They seem to be absolutely satisfied and they are always smiling. What else you would be doing if you were living in such a nice sunny country as Brazil?