Brazil for Kids

Brazil is a pretty easy country to explore with children of all ages. As a very family orientated and child friendly society, children are made very welcome in most places. From hotels and restaurants to attractions and public places, children are often made to feel more welcome in Brazil than in many other countries, including those in Europe and North America.

Brazil sometimes has a reputation for having somewhat of a shady safety record, with thefts, robberies, muggings, pick pocket crimes, and similar being reported. It is, however, rare for such crimes to befall families with children; generally, most people, good and bad, within Brazil seem to hold families with children in a high position of respect and do not cause them bother.

If children are travelling with only one parent, there may be extra documentation needed, as well as different entry requirements. People sin such a situation should check with their nearest Brazilian Embassy or Consulate prior to travelling. As many hotel rooms often have a double bed and a single bed in the room, this ca make travelling with a child very easy.

There is usually no charge for a child under the age of five years old. Cots may or may not be available, so those who need a baby’s cot really should check at in advance, and before booking a room. Larger hotels may have room that have a joining door between rooms, making this a good option for families with more than one child. Apartments are available for short term lets in many cities across the country. And these may be ideal for families.

Larger hotels will often have several forms of entertainment, which can be perfect for keeping kids amused. This may include a dedicated children’s club, an entertainment program, a TV lounge, a swimming pool, a games room, and more.

With regards to eating and drinking, children are almost always made to feel welcome in restaurants and cafes, at any time of the day. Most places offer expansive menus, so there should be no problems with fussy eaters and finding things that children will eat and enjoy. Highchairs are usually available. Although specific children’s menus may not always be available, meals are generally very big in Brazil, and one serving can often be enough for a parent and a child; asking for extra cutlery and crockery is common.

Baby food is available in supermarkets. A small thermos and / or cool bag is usually a good idea for keeping things either hot or cold when travelling.

Although most Brazilian families do not use disposable nappies, they are readily available in supermarkets and pharmacies.  Parents can also find other baby and young child related products in such places.

If you intend on renting a private vehicle when travelling in Brazil, be aware that child seats are not fitted as standard. They can also be very difficult, and expensive, to obtain. It may be worthwhile, therefore, to consider taking your own on holiday with you if you think that you will need it.

Public transport can take a long time in Brazil. Not only are bus journeys tiresome and long, but there are often unexpected and unplanned delays. Younger children often get restless on such journeys, so you may not be able to travel very far in one journey. Make sure that you have plenty of activities, games, and similar to keep children entertained on journeys, as well as a supply of water, snacks, and other sustenance. If taking a night bus, a small blanket and pillow can be invaluable for helping small children to sleep. There are no reduced rates on buses when children occupy their own seat. If children sit on a parents’ lap though there is no charge. Reduced prices are available on aeroplanes.

Children generally love the beautiful beaches in Brazil; they are great places for the whole family to relax, unwind, and have fun. It is important to remember to apply and reapply high factor sunscreen to children (and adults!) regularly; the sun can be very intense. A hat is also strongly recommended. This applies to all outings, not only beach days.

Mosquitoes can be a pest, especially in the evenings, so a good mosquito repellent is strongly advised. Long sleeved tops and long trousers are also recommended for all come evening times. Anti-malarial medications are advised for certain areas.

Kids usually love the Amazon River, the tropical rainforests, with all their native flora and fauna, the beaches, the vibrant and colourful festivities, and much more in Brazil. It is easy to find things to do to keep the kids amused. When arranging trips and excursions, there are various family friendly agencies; booking in such a way ensures that the day is suitable for all. Also, most large towns and cities have a cinema. The best ones are often within the large shopping centres.

With some planning and careful fore-thought, Brazil can be a jewel for everyone.