Pao de Acucar

There is a 396m high mystical peak in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil called Pao de Acucar, otherwise known as Sugarloaf Mountain. This mountain sits at the mouth of the Guanabara Bay and peaks out into the Atlantic Ocean. This wondrous mountain is one of Rio de Janeiro’s most well known and treasured landmarks.

Pao de acucar was formed over 600 million years ago. Navigators for many years would use this landmark to find their way to Guanabara Bay. The original Portuguese arrivers used Pao de acucar as a setting to find their way. The popular glass paneled cable car was installed in 1912. It allows tourists to ride to the top of the Pao de Acucar. It takes two stages to actually get there. First you ride in a cable car 700 feet up the Urca hill to get a good view of the Corcovado Mountain.

Here you transfer to another car where you are elevated 1300 feet to the top of the mountain. Here you can view the Copacabana beaches and take in the view of the mountain range. The cable car offers tours of the Pao de Acucar from 8 am to 10 pm every 30 minutes and takes about four hours.

Another attraction of the Pao de Acucar is climbing the backside. It is not well known because the paths are blocked by pillars from the cable car. You can however walk around this but it is a rugged and difficult walk. Hikers are greatly advised to buy a one-way ticket at the bottom so you can ride the cable car down if you can manage to make it to the top. If you are feeling another form of adventure there are also helicopter rides leaving from the lower of the two mountains. This ride costs $43 and lasts only seven minutes but something everyone should consider doing.

The Sugarloaf is a green marvelous peak that allows a once in a lifetime view and the most beautiful sunsets you will ever see. Pao de Acucar is a fascinating attraction that anyone visiting Rio de Janeiro must take the time to see.