Amazon River

Amazon River is known as the largest river on the Earth. It begins upon the lake Lavrikoha in Peru; it flows through the mountain valley for 220 km making several waterfalls, then, after 700 km it becomes shipping. After 250 km it turns to the north-east and divides into 13 creeks, and then it goes through Rentem and Ands in 1200 km and finally comes to Brazil where it flows for 3500 km and mouths into Atlantic Ocean.

Indians call Amazon River “Parana Tingo” which is translated as the “Queen River”. The river assembles more than 500 creeks and has the largest river island on Earth its area is 48 square km. Amazon bottom is a big kingdom of backwaters and jungles. During the flow the level of water rises up till 20 meters which sinks the near surroundings for 100 km. The peculiarity of its high water is all known “proroka” which means “thunder water”. When Amazon meets tidewater it forms a massive 6 meters water bank. It flows up with a very loud noise that ruins everything on its way.

In 1995 Queen River with the help of the best world scientists set a world record that proves that Amazon is the largest river on planet, before that year Nil River was considered to be the first one. Amazon River is 100 meters deep and 200 km wideness but it doesn’t look gigantic because it is divided into several river arms. Its waters are often called white because of the great quantity of silt that is in the river.

Not only the river but its environment is fascinating. Its Flora and Fauna is absolutely unique. The river places more than one million of different species and plants. Amazon wildlife is known for only 30 %. 25% of the world medical stuff are taken from the Amazon forest. Specialists affirm that on the 10 square km there are 1,5 thousand different flowers, 750 trees, 125 types of animals, 400 types of birds and countless number of insects and invertebrates.

The river hosts moist, green rainforest. The climate of this evergreen forest is very complicated. It is one of the most extreme tourism to go to Amazon forest. The temperature is 25-28C and it’s always wet. The everage drop of rainfall is 2000-4000 mm. Inside the forest it is dark and windless. Every tourist must be sure to know the destination of the journey because it is very easy to lose orientation in such a forest.

Though it is very extreme it is a lifetime opportunity to go on Amazon tour in the Jungle. Here one can meet capybara- the biggest rodent in the world.  The place is inhabited with bull fish which can be 500kg; and an amazing pink dolphin, its neck spine is not connected to the back one so it can bend up to 90 degrees. One should be careful not to meet well-known fish-piranha which is famous for its sharp teeth. Also, there are a lot of jaguars and anacondas which are very beautiful but totally dangerous.

A great example of a human and nature is a Guinness records man – Martin Strell, who swam 5268km in 66 days proving that human can coexist with wild world. Though, it sounds like a very dangerous river, it is probably the last one on Earth that is so real, so wild, so exciting and so unique.