Recommended Hotels in Brazil

As breathtaking the sites are in this country, the hotels in Brazil offer the same spectacular feeling when you see them for yourself. Brazil offers an assortment of some of the best rated hotels in the world. It’s no surprise many celebrities visit them frequently and if you’re lucky you might be able to spot a few. Brazil offers luxury, mid-priced and cheap hotels to fulfill the needs of any traveler visiting their country.

Luxury Hotels in Brazil

Luxury hotels in Brazil are not inexpensive by any means but when you step into them, you will know where your money went.

Caesar Park Hotel - São Paulo

The Caesar Park located in São Paulo is considered one of the most elite luxury hotels in Brazil. The hotel is 17 floors, holding 165 rooms and rates include a buffet and breakfast. It offers internet access in each room, a top of the line fitness center called the Reebok Gym, a luxury spa and available massage services.

The Copacabana Palace in Rio de Janerio put Brazil on the map with its party reputation back in 1923. There are 107 rooms and it offers a golf driving range, tennis courts and a swimming pool.

The Hotel Nacional Brasilia finds its home in the center of Brasilia offering 346 luxury rooms. It is modern and offers an outdoor swimming pool and each room has its own private mini bar.

Brazilian Mid-priced Hotels

Mid-priced hotels are very popular hotels in Brazil and seem to be everywhere you could possibly need one. There is of course on in all the three main cities that get top recommendations.

The Normandie Design Hotel located in São Paulo would be considered a luxury resort if it found its home in any other city in Brazil. Battling for luxury recognition in the São Paulo list of hotels is not easily accomplished. The hotel has 190 rooms, a golf driving range, swimming pool and tennis courts as well as a complimentary breakfast.

The Praia Ipanema Hotel in Rio de Janeiro is fairly new, built in 1980 and has 90 rooms. Each room offers an individual balcony overlooking spectacular view of the beach and ocean.

The Manhattan Plaza is Brasilia is a high rise with 17 floors. They offer deposit boxes, cable TV and a swimming pool have one of the top rated staffs of any hotel.

Cheap Hotels in Brazil

For those people that are visiting Brazil for all of the fascinating sites and not the hotels then there are some good hotels in Brazil that are fairly cheap.

The Best Western Regent Park Suite Hotel finds itself on one of the trendiest streets in São Paulo. It has been referred to as the trendy and hip pool to party at of the surrounding hotels.

The Ipanema Inn in Rio de Janeiro has 56 rooms and is located right next to the beach with plenty of shopping close by the hotels and many restaurants, cafes and sights to see in walking distance. Visitors say you won’t be disappointed.

In Brasilia, the Aracoara Hotel has 13 floors and 113rooms. It is located near the hotel for those concerned with extra cab fare costs.

All of the beauty in Brazil has made the country more popular through the years. Brazil will be hosting the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics which will be attracting even more tourists. Whatever hotels or hostels in Brazil you decide to visit, you will not be disappointed in the wonderful sites and beautiful people making this a top travel destination.