In Brazil, there is a state that has some of the most beautiful beaches and urban communities in the world named Pernambuco. The location, in regards to the Equator actually guarantees you an entire year of sunshine and if that’s not enough to make you smile, the temperature average is 78.8 degrees. It truly doesn’t get much more perfect than this.

The Portuguese first arrived in Pernambuco in the 16th century. Due to cotton and sugar, the economic growth let to African slaves being imported in the late 1600s which is where the African mix in Brazilian culture was developed. Before this time, the Dutch primarily occupied the area.

The state of Pernambuco has the fifth largest sugar cane Brazilian production. Alcohol fuel is typically fermented from sugar cane which makes Brazil the second largest producer of alcohol fuel in the entire world. Simply put, Brazil has what other countries need and Pernambuco is a big part of that.

There is a four day period in Brazil before Carnaval is celebrated. Pernambuco has outstanding Carnaval celebrations including the Maracatu and the Frevo. The biggest Carnaval parade in Brazil occurs in the city of Reafe on the Saturday before Fat Tuesday. People come from all over Brazil to witness this parade during these celebrations. You yourself can even participate. Here is the information how to do this.

The Gilberto Freyre International Airport opened in Pernambuco in 2004 and it is a luxurious site to see. It offers 64 check-in counters to ensure you won’t be waiting in long lines in and out of the venue, an “Aero-shopping” concept and the largest runway in the Northeast. The airport alone is a reason to visit Pernambuco.

The coastline in Pernambuco boasts an outstanding 187 km long of sandy beaches. The Fernando de Noronha is a cluster of 21 isolated volcanic island and is known for its exuberant marine animal life. Tourists can catch a small plane to these islands to explore and pay an environmental preservation fee upon arriving. The Port de Galinhas is known for being one of the most beautiful Brazilian beaches simply for its landscaping and sunsets. It hosts warm clear water, coconut trees and coral reefs. The most well known beach to surfers is the Maracaipe. Surfers will tell you that it truly lives up to its reputation of being the beach of big waves.

If you can break yourself away from the glory of the airport during arrival to explore the state it includes 25 main cities and a large number of smaller ones. From beaches to volcanoes, and diving to surfing, you are sure to find plenty of activities visiting Pernambuco.