Brazilian Soccer

Brazilian soccer is the most played and watched sport in Brazil. The fans of the Brazil soccer players are known for their extreme madness surrounding the game and great support of their soccer players. The players are famous for their unique technique and Rio is recognized for having the largest soccer stadium in Brazil.

Brazilians worship soccer but it wasn’t always like this. Brazilian soccer didn’t even get extremely popular until the 20th century. Brazil participated in their first world cup in 1930 and although they did perform poorly and did not win, the media coverage alone made people fall in love with the sport. Pele, one of the greatest soccer players that ever lived, started out playing soccer with a ragball in the streets with his local friends and later grew up to play for the Brazil National team. The Brazilian soccer team has won more World Cups than any other nation. When referencing soccer, it is said that “England invented it, Brazil perfected it.” It was in 1962 that Brazil was recognized as the world’s best football team.

Soccer is considered the way of life for Brazilians. They seem to learn to play the game as soon as they can walk giving Brazilian society an intensely strong appreciation for the game. There are so many people from different parts of the world that make up the Brazilian culture yet they all come together to adopt soccer as their favorite sport. It doesn’t matter what area of Brazil they are from, soccer love is equally shared throughout.

Brazilian soccer is truly a form of art, there is distinctive footwork that can be compared to a well choreographed dance. The game is easy to play without the need for equipments which makes it appreciated by the poorer areas since it is possible for them to participate. Young boys kick the ball around and dream of becoming famous. This dream for some is their only hope to rise out of poverty. Soccer players do not make the money that other professional athletes do but they definitely make enough to provide for their families.

Soccer has had and continues to have such a positive impact on the Brazilian culture. Brazil has more professional soccer teams than any other country in the world. It is said that people are shaped by their environments. In this case, everyone from all cultures simply said, “just wants to play soccer” and not just any soccer, it must be Brazilian soccer.