Adventure Sports in Brazil

Brazil is such a large country with various different landscapes. This makes it not only a wonderful place for exploring and seeing many different things within the same country, but also makes it a prime place for being able to participate in a whole host of different adventure sports and activities. There are those activities that are suitable for all, as well as those that require a certain level of fitness. Some of the more extreme adrenalin inducing activities are only suitable for those who are brave enough to do them!

Hiking in Amazon Rainforest

With a variety of different stunning landscapes, Brazil is a hikers’ paradise. The Amazon Rainforest is much loved by hikers of all different abilities levels, and there are many different routes to choose between. The abundant wildlife in the Pantanal makes there a great spot too. Visitors can choose to go with an experienced guide to really make the most of their Brazilian trekking experience. The ideal time for hiking is between March and September.

Surfing at Bahia

With long stretches of coastal areas, surfers will not be disappointed in Brazil. One of the favourite laid back surf spots can be found in the centre of the country, at Bahia. There are also good surfing opportunities along most of the beaches though.

With good winds and great waves, the beaches along the northern and eastern coasts are ideal for those who enjoy, or want to try, kitesurfing. There are spots for almost every level, so whether one is a newbie or a pro, Brazil is a great place for this activity. On these beaches, the best times of the year are between July and January. Forianopolis island in southern Brazil is especially known for being a great kitesurfing spot; the best time of year here is between September and November.

Sailing in Brazil

Sailing is another popular adventure activity in Brazil. A favourite spot is around the Tinhare Boipeba Archipelago. There are winds all throughout the year, and a staggering array of different scenery. Further south, Ilha de Sao Sebastiao is another great place for sailing. Visitors can sail past pristine sandy beaches, see coves, bays, and the mighty Amazon Rainforest provides the perfect backdrop.

Kayaking Around Small Coves

Kayaking around small coves and islands is a great way to actively explore the area. Many coastal and island areas offer the opportunity to go scuba diving, where people can see the diverse marine life and sea creatures that live in the waters around Brazil.

Horse-Riding in Rio Grande do Sul

Horse-riding can be enjoyed in many parts of the country, covering various different terrains. The Pantanal is a great place for a safari adventure atop a magnificent horse. Visitors can see the many beautiful faces of natural Brazil whilst riding a trusty steed. Other places that are great for a horse riding adventure are in Rio Grande do Sul, the beaches at Nahia, and Santa Catarina. There is a trail that runs from Rio de Janeiro to Bahia, which makes for a great journey.

Mountain Biking and Climbing

Mountain biking and mountain climbing are popular in the hilly and mountainous areas. Abseiling is a way to push people further for a different experience in Brazil. Rapelling is similar to abseiling, and Barra de Guaratiba is a popular place for this activity.

Canopy Walks in Brazil

For the really adventurous, there are canopy walks and zip lines high up in the jungle trees. Visitors can see the mighty jungle from a completely different perspective, whilst enjoying the rush of adrenalin from being so high. Magnificent views can be seen in every direction.

Explore Caves of Tijuca Forest

There are many caves to explore in Brazil, and those who enjoy caving will love going deep into the dark caverns. The Tijuca Forest is a prime caving spot.


Canyoning is available in many parts of the country, where visitors can strap on their safety gear and head through waterfalls, walk along streams, and climb though gaping canyons.

White Water Rafting

Some rivers provide the ideal conditions for thrilling white water rafting. There are different grades available. Paragliding and hang gliding are great for those who want to enjoy the beautiful vistas from above. One can soar free as a bird and admire the dramatic landscapes as they unfold before their eyes.

Holiday makers can choose to combine various different adventure activities as they travel across Brazil, or alternatively may wish to book a trip that focuses solely on different activities around the country. People who have a passion for a particular thing can try it in a variety of wonderful locations, or those who want some all round adventure can try a multi activity tour.

However people decide to try them, Brazil is a great place for numerous different adventure sports and activities, and a trip to Brazil will ensure lots of fun in the great outdoors.