Top 10 Brazilian Movies

Brazil is a country filled with people of great cultural passion. They seem to succeed at everything they do and movie making is no exception. They have produced some movies that have won Oscar and other awards and almost always receive nominations. The list is never ending but here is a list of the top 10 Brazilian movies which of course, can always change at any time.

1. City of God

City of God – this 2002 Brazilian drama film brought in the largest audience for a domestic movie in that year. The movies starts with escaped chickens being chased by a boy who runs into a gang who he believes wants him dead and then it jumps ahead 10 years. The movie takes place over two decades and is about two boys that grow up in Rio de Janeiro in a very violent neighborhood. They both take a different path with their life where one becomes a drug dealer and one is a photographer. The movie is described as stunning.

2. Last Stop 174

Last Stop 174 – this movie is a chronicle of a real life bus hijacking that actually occurred in Rio de Janeiro on June 12th, 2000. Its about a poor boy who hijacks a bus and takes a few hostages. He had no choices in life but to become a thief. The movie has an unexpected and sad ending and a good lesson to be learned.

3. Carandiru

Carandiru – this movie is a true story of the largest massacre toward prisoners in the world. It occurred in 1992 in São Paulo at the Brazilian penitentiary. It presents the drama of 111 prisoners being slaughtered. This movie was released in 2003 and earned it 12 awards and 16 nominations.

4. Lara

Lara – this movie is about Brazil being in a rapid state of industrialization in the 1950’s. The main focus is Odete Lara, a 21 year old beautiful blond model who found herself at the top of the entertainment world. At the peak point of her fame she leaves her career to retreat to the mountains in Rio de Janeiro for a new spiritual life.

5. Garrincha

Garrincha – in this wonderful movie, the character becomes a legend in the town. The great soccer player shows how brilliant he is not only in soccer but also through Samba. The movie is about the life of a phenomenal soccer player. The movie earned three award and three nominations.

6. The Year My Parents Went on Vacation

The year my parents went on vacation – Brazilian drama of 2006 about a 12-year-old Brazilian boy who wants to go to the 1970 World Cup match to see his team win out over Italy. But his life turns upside down when he is sent to his grandfather in São Paulo.

7. City of Men

City of men – the film is about two friends, without fathers, both turning 18. It transcends the familiar stereotype of gangster cliches and abandoned children. It shows the trueness of life in the slums of Rio de Janeiro and you come emotionally attached to the two main characters. It is called a tender and extremely effecting movie.

8. Lattitude Zero

Lattitude zero – the story of a pregnant girl abandoned by her lover. This is a love story taking its metaphors to extreme. It shows difficulties of an unequal society that pushes them into life and death adventures. Latitude Zero won itself seven wins and two nominations.

9. Diary of a Provincial Girl

Diary of a Provincial Girl – based on the novel, its about an adolescent girl growing up in a mining town. She writes in her diary about society around her. She is an awkward teenager who yearns for life away from her home.

10. Viva Zapato

Viva Zapato – this is a fun, sensual, romantic movie about a beautiful Cuban dancer who leaves her failing marriage to open a restaurant with her aunt on a beach in Brazil. Her aunt sends her shoes instead of money and she is so enraged she gets rid of the shoes, only to later find out there was money stashed in the heel. Here begins the mission to find the shoes.

When you come to Brazil on vacation and you have that one night where you are just exhausted from all of the sight seeing and you just want to relax in your beautiful suite and watch a movie, you can use this top 10 Brazilian movie list to help you choose a movie to rent.