Top 10 Useful Brazilian Phrases

Brush up on your Portuguese language if you are planning to take that trip to sunny Brazil. Brazilian Portuguese is slightly different from European Portuguese so it helps to know a few handy phrases when you shop, go to a restaurant or simply trying to navigate your way around Brazil.

1. Por favor, voce pode ma ajudar? – Please can you help me?

Brazilians are generally friendly so do not be afraid to ask for assistance when you’re lost or need to get general directions to a certain place. For directions you can also say “Por favor eu quero ir…” (Please I want to go to…then say the name of the place).

2. Quanto custa? – How much is it?

This can come in handy when you’re shopping in local markets and want to bargain with the sellers.

3. Como vai? Or Tudo bem? – How’s it going?

Similar to the American greeting of “How are you doing?” this is one of the typical things you can hear on the streets or when locals greet their friend or acquaintance.

4. Bom Dia/Bom Tarde/Bom Noite – Good morning/Good afternoon/Good night)
For more formal greetings or salutation, you can use these during the appropriate times in the day.

5. Voce fala Ingles? – Do you speak English?

This will help you to switch languages easily and indicate to the person you’re speaking to that you’ll be better off conversing with them in English.

6. Com licenca – Excuse me! or Desculpe! – Sorry!

It always makes for good sense to watch your manners especially when you are out on the streets.

7. Sim o Nao – Yes or No

Obrigado (Thank you) and De nada (You’re welcome).
Polite ways to end any interaction you may have with the locals who have helped you or served you.

8. Meu nome e…  – My name is…
One of the first few phrases that any traveler can learn to say is how to introduce himself or herself in the local language.

9. Eu quero conseguir alguma comida – I want to get some food.