Transport in Brazil

Brazil is a beautiful and exciting country that has tons of places that will blow your mind. Unfortunately, it is a rather dangerous country too. So, below are tips for tourists considering save and budget transportation in the country of breathtaking nature and non-stop carnival parties.

Taxi in Brazil

The best way to get around Brazil is to use taxi. There are 2 types of taxi: world famous yellow taxi and radio taxi. The one that is yellow is much cheaper but it is a very rare case that you will find a driver who speaks a word in English. As about Rio de Janeiro, there are 2 tariffs – a day one has number 1 on the top of the car, a night one has 23-6 and a holiday one that goes with number 2.

Moreover, there are 2 taxi zones- South (S) and North (N), it is important to remember that when you leave these zones, your tariff will be doubled. Fun as it is, you should also pay extra money for air conditioner (if you ask for such) and the price can vary. Usual price for radio taxi is 2 dollars for the first km and 1 dollar for the following.

Busses in Brazil

Hot and wild country Brazil has good bus transportation between cities that are located on the coast. Buses go very often and distant ones are usually very comfortable and clean. For those tourists that are planning to make overnight trip, bus stuff will provide a blanket and water. The tickets can be bought only at bus stations that are placed very far from city centers. Don’t forget to tell the exact date of leaving and buy a ticket back, because you can get stuck in some little town which can be rather dangerous.

Brazilians Trains

Of course, travelling by train inside the country is a great opportunity to travel faster than by bus. Brazil trains vary from European; it is a rare case to find something like conditioner there. Nevertheless, travelling by train is considered to be one of the most exciting ways to explore such magnificent country as Brazil. The total length of railways in the country is 27 882, which go to almost every tiny-tiny Brazilian town. The tickets can be bought at any railway station. Just as in a case with buses don’t forget to buy a ticket back.

City Busses

City bus is one of the cheapest ways to travel inside the city. Funny thing, but the busses should be entered from the back door and the exit is through the front door. You should ask for a stop or even scream. They go very often, even at night. You can buy a ticket from the conductor. Using city bus can be a wonderful adventure; you can meet different people and feel Brazil from inside. But if you are afraid of being robbed – better take a tourist bus, which is called green bus. It goes along the coast and has large windows so you can see all of the Brazilian charming beach spots.

Brazilian Subway

One more transport that is not to be omitted is a Brazilian subway. It is really clean, beautiful and safe but, unfortunately, it has no stops at the beach zone. It works every day, but Sunday, from 6 a.m.-11 p.m.