Top Carnivals in Brazil

The word “Carnival” is strongly associated with Brazil. Brazilian Carnival is a huge street party with parades, music, dancing, singing and masquerade. It is a period of unlimited fun.

Carnival in Brazil is the brightest event, it is even more popular than New Year or Christmas celebrations. It is a unique experience of music, colors and joy.  Even though there are lots of festivals in Brazil, Carnivals still remain the most loved ones.

Top Carnivals in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is known worldwide thanks to its carnival, it even became synonymous with Rio. It is held for five days and has its roots in 1830s. Sambodrome is the main place for parades during the Carnival where crowds of people will gather to celebrate the event. Rio’s peculiarity is in samba schools parades.

As in Rio there is a great number of different samba schools, they also prepare their shows for the carnival. Whatever you decide to do during the carnival, prepare yourself for sleepless nights as there will be parties everywhere.


Music is the main difference between Bahia and Rio carnivals. In Rio it is all about samba and different kinds of it can be heard from each corner while in Bahia there are many other styles including reggae. Visit the carnival in Bahia and you feel yourself a part of something huge, big and hilarious.


The carnival is held in two cities in Olinda and in Recife, the distance between the two is only five miles and there are transfers between them. Visiting both of them will guarantee you an ultimate Brazilian experience. Both festivals are held in historic districts. Even if you have never been to Olinda carnival you have probably seen the giant puppets – the traditional characters of the event. They usually open and close the festival. The most popular puppet is Midnight Man. He has been opening the carnivals since 1932. His creator says that he was inspired by the man who he saw in the streets in the dark time who was getting in windows of different ladies and was dressed in green as well as the Midnight Man.

Be aware that both carnivals are so popular among tourists that it creates a huge demand on accommodation so you better book the hotel in Recife in advance.

When Attending Carnival in Brazil

As the carnival is a very popular event and there is a huge demand on accommodation, book the place in advance as almost every hotel-motel in Brazil during the carnival period.

Leave all the valuables in hotel or in the place where stayed while in Brazil and only what you really need, because for pickpockets this event is also huge. Only imagine how many tourists are there.

As Brazil during the carnival is all about music, Samba dancing and drinking, don’t get too much caipirinhas (alcoholic drink with lime, ice and sugar) and you’ll be fine. If you ever had a dream to participate in Brazilian carnival, read how you can do this. We are sure, you’ll never forget this experience.