Top Romantic Hotspots in Brazil

The very essence of Brazil screams romance and love. Exuberance and energy is everywhere, from the beaches to the jungles, and from the deserts to the cities. With such diverse landscapes, Brazilian music is very romantic in nature, and hearing the sultry voices and the sexy beats can make anyone feel amorous. Tell your loved one how you feel in the native language of Portuguese –  “Eu te amo” – means I love you. And Brazil is the perfect place in which to say this to that special person. Check what you can do to spice up your relationship.

Stay in Luxury Hotels

You can find them across the country, catering to all possible needs. Gorgeous rooms within decadent hotels and surrounding by lush landscapes make that romantic getaway even more special. Eco lodges allow guests to get even closer to the fantastic nature and wildlife of Brazil. In the rainy season, what better way to spend time with that special person than by canoeing into the mighty jungle treetops.

Enjoy Luxurious Spas

Add that extra something to your break, with a range of treatments for all. Enjoy a delectable and relaxing massage, have a manicure, facial, or pedicure, unwind in a steam room or sauna, and try any number of other treatments.

Couples can choose to dance the night away at one of the famous party hotspots, or alternatively, there are intimate candle-lit restaurants and cosy bars aplenty, depending on your mood. Drift away on the sounds of samba and bossa nova, watch a show, and even try to recreate the moves back at the hotel room!

Take a Cruise

It is another popular romantic activity that should not be missed. Passions can sky-rocket during the enchanting and electric carnivals.

Walk in Beautiful Parks

Brazil offers the very best in activities for a romantic break. The national parks, with an abundance of flora and fauna, are perfect for hiking and climbing.

Surf on the Pristine Beaches

Surfing is a favourite activity for couples to try on the pristine beaches. The waves roll in across the turquoise waters, and whether you can stand on the board or not, fun is surely to be had.

Visit the Iguazu Falls

The Iguazu Falls are a most spectacular sight, one that can be very romantic when with the right person. Seeing the water thundering over the rocks and making its dramatic descent is simply fabulous. Why not consider taking a flight over the falls, for a really romantic time? The surrounding rainforest is home to many different creatures, and the more adventurous can venture high into the jungle canopy for great views of below and around.

Swim and Sunbath

Brazil’s beautiful beaches can ignite a spark in even the coldest of hearts. The golden sands of Rio de Janeiro cannot help but impress people, where one can lie in the warming and bronzing sun all day long, take part in some water based activities, enjoy a tasty cocktail, and simply relax with someone dear. Overlooking the city is the statue of Christ the Redeemer, which is bound to impress all. And the gorgeous architecture is striking and beautiful

Other perfect top 10 beaches include Jericoacoara, with its laid back atmosphere, the white sandy shores and quaint beach towns of Alagoas, Buzios, a thriving getaway of the rich and famous, Trancoso, with its charming town square where one can watch artisans at work, and the island of Ilha Grande, with its dramatic mountain backdrop, pure shores and relaxing atmosphere.

Explore Brazil’s Cities

City-wise, many of Brazil’s cities, with their stunning architecture and myriad things to see and do, can be very romantic. The capital city of Brasilia, for example, not only contains wonderful structures, but also has opportunities for outdoor activities and bustling markets to enjoy. The colonial charms in Salvador are still evident today, and Salvador is often considered a truly exotic destination. In Sao Paulo, visitors are wooed by the fascinating history and heritage.

A visit to Paraty is like taking a step back in time, with many of the city’s splendors as they were in their golden heyday. Hill station around Brazil can be incredibly romantic, perched high in the hills, looking out over perfect views.

With so many great things to offer, it is no surprise that many people are choosing Brazil as their next romantic getaway, or indeed, for their honeymoon destination.