Top Outdoor Activities in Brazil

Brazil is a country blessed with amazing natural resources and breathtaking landscapes – picture red-rock canyons, crystal-clear rivers and seas, powdery white-sand beaches and an abundant wildlife. There’s more to Brazil than the Carnaval and urban revelry, so here are some suggestions to fully enjoy the adventure of exploring Brazil:

Wildlife Watching

For safari lovers and naturalists, plan your trip around wintertime (June to September) when it is said to be the best time to go. Brazil has a wide variety of fauna and flora such as the sea turtle that are making a comeback and can be sighted in places like Praia de Forte and Mangue Seco. The Pantanal and the Amazon are must-see places for numberous bird species, monkeys, anacondas, capybara, as well as spotting river dolphins and toucans. Even in Rio de Janeiro, you can see unique animals such as three-toed sloths and ocelots in the Parque Nacional da Tijuca.

Water Activities

Kayaking, rafting, snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving and trekking along waterfalls are just some of the many ways to spend a beautiful day in sunny Brazil. The tropical islands of Brazil offer swimmers, sunbathers and water sports enthusiasts plenty of opportunities for such activities. Check out the beaches in Salvador or the magnificent Iguazu Falls. For some good diving adventure, there is Fernando de Noronha located off the coast of Pernambuco.

Hiking and Trekking

It’s not all sun, sea and sand in Brazil – there are excellent mountain trails and walkways for those who like to stick to terra firma. The highlands from Salvador to the Chapada Diamantina have amazing rock structures as well as natural water slides. The Amazon Rain Forest is a top destination for walking and hiking tours.