Brazil Christ Statue

The first picture that comes to most people’s minds when they think about Brazil is an enormous statue of Jesus that stands on the top of the mountain with his arms opened. And, indeed, this statue is one in a kind and its history and architecture is stunning.

When on the top of Corcovado, a mind-bending view of Rio-de-Janeiro opens with all its colors and lights. The name of this hill is translated as “hunchback” because the hill itself has a shape of a humpback.

Previously, Corcovado had a different name, for example, Portuguese called it a “temptation mountain”. The height of the mountain is 700 meters. There are several ways to climb it. One of the best is by train. This trip allows seeing all fascinating views while listening to the legends and interesting stories of a guide who will escort you all the way to the top. In fact, this railway is the oldest in Brazil; it was built during the reign of Emperor Pedro II. The train itself is 140 years old and each year it takes more than 300 000 visitors.

Corcovado Mountain is located in The National Park Tizhuka which is the biggest city forest in the world. Its total area is 30 square meters. This park is a real jungle in the center of the city. The park has a Tizhuk forest, Carioca Mountains, Corcovado Mountain and countless waterfalls. Also, it has numerous tropical plants, wild animals, birds and butterflies. The flora is incredibly beautiful, the air is fresh. In 1991 UNESCO named it the world reserve of biosphere. One of the best spots in the park is the eucalyptus forests; aroma in this place is simply great.

Corcovado opens a great view to the top Brazilian beaches Copacabana beaches, Ipanema and the world biggest football stadium “Maracana”.

The only thing that the visitors cannot view is the symbol of Brazil – statue of Christ the Savior. The only way to examine it is to use plane or helicopter. The world famous masterpiece is not only a symbol of Rio-de-Janeiro but the whole country, the idea of which belongs to Eitor do Silva Costa. As most of the world statues it was produced in Paris and on October 12, 1931 established and lighted on the top of the Silva Costa hill. The height of the statue is 38 meters.

Christ the Savior with his open arms seems to hug the whole country, and at night, when the statue is lighted, it seems as he levitates in the sky and comes down to people.

The idea of creating the statue to the Jesus Christ appeared in 1859 when Brazilian priest Pedro Maria Boss firstly climbed the hill. He was absolutely stunned by its beauty but he couldn’t find money for such an expensive project. And only in 1921, 250 000 of dollars were collected by the citizens donations and countless architects, artists and engineers started a creation of the spiritual and grand statue of the Christ the Savior.