World Cup 2014 in Brazil

After the Euro 2012 Football Championship in Poland and Ukraine, the 2014 World Cup is the next big event in the world of football.

The 20th International World Cup Tournament will be held in 2014 between June and July in beautiful Brazil. The country has finally become the first to be able to stop the chain of the European nations hosting the World Cup Finals. The tournament has not been held in South America since Argentina hosted in last in 1978.

The Brazilian Football Confederation has estimated that it will cost over $1.1 billion just for the construction and the remodel of the stadium. There will also be millions spent on infrastructure basic needs as well just to assure the country is ready for the great number of tourists and media caused from this event. Brazil is a country that literally planned and developed its own capital city in less than five years. If they are capable of that they can pretty much handle anything. They are an extremely organized country and are confident that they will host a memorable World Cup event.

A high speed train will be developed to connect São Paulo, Campinas and Rio de Janeiro that is estimated to cost $11 billion. Upgrades to airports and the ten venue cities will be done to increase tourist capacity. They are assuring that the sixty-seven airports will be in perfect condition by 2014 and will provide security and comfort for all passengers entering from all over the world. It is estimated that the 2014 World Cup will attract half-a-million tourist who will spend an average $112 per day. People who hold property investments in Brazil with feel great benefits from this event for the demand of rental accommodations needed to house all of the visitors.

The future stadium is being prepared for the possible weather conditions during the World Cup as it is held during the winter season. Antarctica causes a cold front to come in causing cold weather from the South. The Central part of the country is dry and the North tends to be rainy. The remodeled stadia will be able to accommodate these varying weather conditions.

People of Brazil play soccer as way of life. The country has more professional soccer teams than any other country in the world. Young boys rich and poor play soccer in the streets, with dreams of being a famous soccer player. If you plan on attending the World Cup 2014 events in Brazil, plan to be amazed by the country’s fans and how every culture unites together for the love of the game.