Traveling To Brazil On A Budget

Breathtaking Brazil offers a myriad of amazing sights, sounds, and adventure that it is so easy to give in to all the tempting delights and find yourself strapped for cash afterwards. If you are planning on travelling across the tropical islands of Brazil with just your skimpy clothes and an even skimpier budget then fear not because there are a lot of ways to still have fun and not break the bank.

Find Good Travel Deals

Local Brazilian airline companies such as Variq, Gol, Azul and TAM offer discounted tickets or last minute specials from time to time. Use search engines like Travelocity, Hotwire or Priceline to check on available cheap flights and special rates. It is also good to check with the locals about the bus routes and schedules. Traveling by bus can save you a lot of money not to mention provide you with excellent opportunities to enjoy a view of the charming countryside.

Plan Your Trip in the Off-season

Travel and accommodation prices rise by as much as 30 to 40% during peak seasons (summer, holidays like New Year’s Eve and the Carnaval), so schedule your visit when there are less tourists and visitors. This is Brazil so there really is never a bad time to visit.

Look for Free Sights

Most of Brazil’s powdery-white beaches are totally free! All you need is your swimsuit, your lotion and you have a morning or afternoon of fun in the sun. There are also museums that offer free admission days such as the Centro Cultural Banco de Brasil in Rio de Janeiro. Check out their websites for the schedules.

Eat like the Locals

Brazil has “quilo” or per-kilo restaurants that offer buffet spreads and charge you by the food’s weight.  They are usually reasonably priced and you can have a choice of food items. There are also juice stands that serve sandwiches for healthy and hearty fares.