Brazilian Architecture

Brazil is a center of world festivals, music and bright life. Brazilian architecture is as wild and extravagant as its festivals.

Brazilian architecture of colonial period was formed under the influence of Portuguese culture but was adopted for hot, tropical climate. It can be seen in churches and cathedrals of ancient cities such as Ouro-Preto, the first capital of Minas Gerais. The city was the first to adopt Baroque, after the gold was found. Special characteristic of such style were ascetic front pieces, decorated with steatite which was used instead of marble. The greatest representatives of such style are Antonio Francisco Lisboa and Alegadinio. The architecture of the city is so amazing that the government decided to make it a national asset, and recently it have been added to the World Heritage UNESCO.

The greatest and most known name is Granzhan de Montine, he visited Brazil as a participant of French artistic mission. He designed the most famous buildings in Rio de Janeiro. This is probably the most popular city in Brazil and everybody who has been there or at least has heard of the place should recognize it by its unordinary style.

1937-1943 were the years of the first attempts of young architects, the buildings of the Ministry of healthcare and education are now recognized as the best example of modern architecture. The buildings were built by the group of young architects who were inspired by the works of one of the best artist- Le Corbusier. Though the influence of Corbusier was great, Brazilians decided to make their own authentic style. They had individuality that took its place in modern world architecture.

Specific of Brazilian architecture is in a free designing that is often plastically developed architectural forms. It can be greatly noticed in the works of Oscar Nimeira, who became famous inside and outside the country. He put the weight of the building to the plastically elaborated a V form abutters that lean against slender struts. What makes it even more incredible is its facade, made of glass that has opposite forms. The best example of his work is the Franciscan church in Pampula.

Together with Nimeira there are numerous world famous works of other architects that makes Brazilian architecture so unique. One of them is apartment house in Eduardo Guindle Park. It was designed by Lucius Costa; his love to the diversity is a characteristic feature of the whole country. This way, for example, he used pattern grates as a sun protection. The buildings are decorated with colorful pattern which is really bright, as almost everything in Brazil, what makes it difficult not to notice.

Altogether Brazilian architecture is unbelievably extravagant. This country was the first to be called the center of modern Art in the world. Mixture of cultures, nations and hot tropical weather makes it unique and unforgettable. Together with its bright life, merry music and happy people Brazilian Architecture will complete a wonderful impression of this country.