Amazon Tour in the Jungle

Looking at the sky view of the Brazilian Jungle and observing its greatness, doesn’t even give you an idea for what you’re in for with the Amazon tour. The jungle is full of rain forests, wildlife of Alta Floresta and winding rivers.

The Amazon primarily lies in Brazil. It is the home to the world’s largest tropical rainforest and the well known Amazon River which happens to also be the world’s largest river. There is an overwhelming number of different plant species, insects, birds, animals and rodents that live here.

The Amazon tour expedition has been designed to allow tourists to view animals in their natural environment in rainforests that have not been tampered with. On each tour you have the opportunity to see rare animals such as the endangered White-nosed bearded Saki Monkey, Southern Red-necked Night Monkeys, Titi Monkeys, White-fronted Capuckin, White-whiskered spider monkeys and Bare-ear Marmoset. Jaguars have been spotted as well as the rare Harpy Eagle. Giant otters can be seen swimming and Three-toes sloths live amongst the trees. Five different types of macaws fly through the jungle, parading their assortment of colors as well as parrots and an unrecorded number of beautiful birds.

Several companies in Brazil offer an Amazon tour through different parts of the jungle. These tours allow you to hike through untouched rainforests and visit native dwellings to the Indians. You can explore by way of dug-out canoes and have the chance to spot some fresh water river dolphins. Some tours allow you to fish for black piranhas and look for alligators at night. The guides of the tours are highly educated to answer questions and educate you on the vast number of plants and have gone through proper training for survival techniques.

The Amazon rainforest cannot be thought of without mentioning the words rain and heat. It is always humid and the rainier seasons are more recommended to tour the jungle because there is more animal activity. More rain brings more fruit which attracts out more animals.

The Amazon tour requires you to be in a good physical shape. It is recommended to start a routine prior to visiting to condition the lungs, heart and legs. You don’t have to be an athlete but you do need to be in good shape to not only withstand the exercise but be able to exist in the tropical weather conditions. If you are adventurous, up to the challenge and looking to step foot into the largest jungle in the world then the Amazon tour is the right choice for you.