Top 10 Motels in Brazil

Brazil is a country, in their own world when it comes to the meaning of a motel. In most places of the world, a motel is a lower budge room to accommodate you and your traveling companions for a short vacation. In Brazil, a motel is a very short-stay room, allowing people privacy for sex. No wonder people living in and visiting Brazil are so happy. Motels are secret rendezvous for private affairs or married couples looking to spice up their love life, celebrate special occasions or just sneak away from the children for a short time.

Motels first came into the scene in Brazil in the 1960’s but when they started to become a breeding ground for unmarried visitors, owners started demanding marriage certificates. After time, the thought of high turnover rate of traffic on the bed started to lose its appeal to many people so Brazilian motels started offering more hotel -like accommodations and weekend packages. There are plenty of old and new, low end premium motels in Brazil. Here is a top 10 motels in Brazil list just in case you want to “getaway” on your vacation getaway.

1. VIPs Suites Motel

VIPs Suites Motel– advertises a special romantic night for your wedding anniversary or honeymoon. Their Milenium room is nothing short of spectacular with its private large balcony over looking the ocean, glass walls and spiral stair case. It is very chic and offers more than one bed. This room is larger than most people’s homes. The Freedom room has a similar balcony, hot tubs, several beds, glass shower and sex chairs. There is a formal dining area and a stripper pole.

The Amaze room is a party house with in ground hot tubs, one round bed, several stripper poles and disco lighting. Nuth is probably the prettiest room with an indoor, in-ground swimming pool that seems to flow through part of the room and beautiful wooden staircase. The Lodge gets honorable mention for the mirrors on the ceiling, fireplaces and very large, private in-ground, indoor hot tub positioned at a glass wall overlooking a spectacular view of the ocean. All of the rooms are immaculate and look like they would be found in a movie.

Address: 418 Niemeyer ale, Leblon, Rio de Janeiro.

2. Lumini Motel

Lumini Motel – its logo has a large red heart in it adding to the romantic appeal. The building itself is a bright white curved architect display and boasts large red and black letters. They offer six levels of suites. The Master has a beautiful glass whirlpool white the Acqua master has an indoor, in-ground private pool in your room along side a hot tub filled with bubbles and rose pedals. All of the rooms are very modern with some form of sexual sculpted art on the walls.

Address: Sao Paulo at R. Dr. Ruben’s meireles, 477 AO lado do Playcenter.

3. Sinless Motel

Sinless Motel – great name for this motel. They offer 10 levels of available suites, all of them spotless, elegant and modern. Some have beautiful glass hot tubs, sky lights and stripper poles while other are decorated in a Medieval theme. Most have plenty of mirrors and glass showers. They have beautiful lighting and the Master even has a small private outdoor in-ground pool with a waterfall running in it. These rooms are definitely romantic and classy.

Address: Leblon, Rio de Janeiro.

4. Motel Caribe

Motel Caribe – you can expect to pay top dollar for a room here. These rooms are more expensive than most luxury resorts. They are the motel for the elite and offer indoor private swimming pools, hot tubs and plenty of waterfalls. The rooms are breathtaking at first glance and walking throughout you’ll find elegant details that make this a luxury motel. They start renting rooms at three hours and go up to extended stays.

Address: Barra Funda.

5. Aphrodit’s VI Mariana Motel

Aphrodit’s VI Mariana Motel – everything about these rooms screams fun. Every room has a different color including hot pink, yellow, red and blue and some offer themes like Oriental, erotic, pit stop and casino. They are fun, flirty and cheap. The rooms have a variety as far as extra large square or round beds.

Address: Av. Dr Ricardo Jafel, 1862-Inicio da Rod, dos Imigrantes, Vila Mariana.

6. Luna Blu

Luna Blu Motel – this motel offering 5 levels of suites, each one more risque than the last. Their basic room, quite lovely but simple with a whirlpool and available champagne up to their premium suites that look like they come from movies. There is an elegant white room with mirrored ceilings, large whirlpool and pink lighting. An alternative to this is the red one room with walls painted scarlet red, mirrored ceilings, chains and cuffs attached to the bed, stripper pole, a small bar area for entertaining, and a disco ball. If the rooms aren’t enough to keep you occupied they also have a gourmet food menu available for you to indulge in.

Address: Rod. Do Café, 1489 (A 1000 metros do PQ Bariqui) Mossungê Curitiba, PR.

7. Motel Tamathan

Motel Tamathan – each room is decorated a bit different and most have sex chairs. The Presidential suite even has a hanging sex chair which is not easy to find. The rooms vary from basic, yet pretty to quite elegant with a splash of tacky. They all have sex tape rentals, television, air conditioning and glass showers.

Address: Jd Peri Peri, São Paulo.

8. Hotel Colonial

Hotel Colonial – don’t let the name fool you, this is a motel. They offer rooms from three hours and up to weekend packages. They have three levels of suites available. Some offer an in-ground hot tub but all are equipped with a 20 inch television and sex tape rentals.

Address: Av. Presidente Kennedy, 187, Varadouro, Olinda.

9. Motel Classe A

Motel Classe A – not any frills here but just what you might need. A spotless room with minimal decoration besides some well thought out art and a handful of mirrors. They have WI-FI, air conditioning and cable television. What more could you ask for?

Address: Mooca, São Paulo.

10. Motel Golf

Motel Golf – not sure if their name is a play on words here but they get a hole in one recommendation if you want a simple fun rooms with a small pool and floating toys. Rooms are varied in color from blue, red and yellow and all have air conditioning and offer sex tape rentals.

Address: centro-osasco, osasco-grande SP.

Whether you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion with your significant other or just want to escape the stress of the everyday world together for a few hours, Brazilian motels have what you need. Many are luxurious and offer over top accommodations and others are simple yet clean and just give you what you need.

So if you live in Brazil and you haven’t yet checkout out a motel then you should and if you’re visiting Brazil and just looking to have the experience of visiting a Brazilian motel then feel free to use this top 10 motels in Brazil list as a guideline for you but there are plenty more to choose from!