Football World Cup 2014: Calendar and Schedule

There are eight groups within the FIFA World Cup 2014 competition, which will be help in South America’s large and football mad country of Brazil. The groups are separated by letters, from A through to H.

Group A consists of Brazil, the national team, Croatia, Cameroon, and Mexico.

Group B contains Australia, Spain, the Netherlands, and Chile.

Japan, Greece, Colombia, and Ivory Coast are in Group C.

Group D is made up of Costa Rica, Uruguay, Italy, and England, and the teams in Group E are Ecuador, France, Switzerland, and Honduras.

Group F contains Argentina, Iran, Nigeria, and Bosnia Herzegovina.

Group G contains Germany, Poland, the USA, and Ghana, and Group H’s teams come from Belgium, Algeria, Russia, and South Korea.

The opening game will be played in the country’s biggest city of Sao Paulo.  It will be held on the 12th of June 2014 and the two teams will be Brazil and Croatia.

The First Round Matches

13th of June
–    A  Mexico v Cameroon at Natal
–    B Spain v Netherlands at Salvador
–    B Chile v Australia at Cuiaba
14th of June
–    C Colombia v Greece at Belo Horizonte
–    D Uruguay v Costa Rica at Fortaleza
–    D England v Italy at Manaus
15th of June
–    C Ivory Coast v Japan at Recife
–    E Switzerland v Ecuador at Brasilia
–    E Switzerland v Ecuador at Brasilia
–    E France v Honduras at Porto Alegra
–    F Argentina v Bosnia-Herzegovina at Rio de Janeiro
16th of June
–    F Iran v Nigeria at Curitiba
–    G Germany v Poland at Salvador
–    G Ghana V USA at Natal
17th of June
–    A Brazil v Mexico at Fortaleza
–    H Belgium v Algeria at Belo Horizonte
–    H Russia v South Korea at Cuiaba
18th if June
–    A Cameroon v Croatia at Manaus
–    B Spain v Chile at Rio de Janeiro
–    B Australia v Netherlands at Porto Alegre
19th of June
–    C Colombia v Ivory Coast at Brasilia
–    C Japan v Greece at Natal
–    D Uruguay v England at Sao Paulo
20th of June
–    D Italy v Costa Rica at Recife
–    E Switzerland v France at Salvador
–    E Hoduras v Ecuador at Curitiba
21st of June
–    F Argentina v Iran at Belo Horizonte
–    F Nigeria v Bosnia-Herzegovina at Cuiaba
–    G Germany v Ghana at Fortaleza
22nd of June
–    G USA v Portugal at Manaus
–    H Belgium v Russia at Rio de Janeiro
–    H South Korea v Algeria at Porto Alegra
23rd of June
–    A Cameroon v Brazil at Brasilia
–    A Croatia v Mexico at Recife
–    B Australia v Spain at Curitiba
–    B Netherland v Chile at Sao Paulo
24th of June
–    C Japan v Colombia at Cuiaba
–    C Greece v Ivory Coast at Firtaleza
–    D Italy v Uruguay at Natal
–    D Costa Rica v England at Belo Horizonte
25th of June
–    E Honduras v Switzerland at Manaus
–    E Ecuador v France at Rio de Janeiro
–    F Nigeria v Argentina at Portp Alegra
–    F Bosnia Herzegovina v Iran at Salvador
26th of June
–    G USA v Germany at Recife
–    G Portugal v Ghana at Brasilia
–    H South Korea v Belgium at Sao Paulo
–    H Algeria v Russia at Curitiba

The Second Round Matches

28th of June
–    Second Round 1: Winner Group A v Runner up Group B at Belo Horizonte
–    Second Round 2: Winner Group C v Runner up Group D at Rio de Janeiro
29th of June
–    Second Round 3: Winner Group B v Runner up Group A at Fortaleza
–    Second Round 4: Winner Group D v Runner up Group C at Recife
30th of June
–    Second Round 5: Winner Group E v Runner-up Group F at Brasilia
–    Second Round 6: Winner Group G v Runner-up Group H at Porto Alegre
1st of July
–    Second Round 7: Winner Group F v Runner-up Group E at Sao Paulo
–    Second Round 8: Winner Group H v Runner-up Group G at Salvador

The Quarter Finals

4th of July
–    Quarter Final 1: Winner Second Round 1 v Winner Second Round 2 at Fortaleza
–    Quarter Final 2: Winner Second Round 5 v Winner Second Round 6 at Rio de Janeiro
5th of July
–    Quarter Final 3: Winner Second Round 3 v Winner Second Round 4 at Salvador
–    Quarter Final 4: Winner Second Round 7 v Winner Second Round 8 at Brasilia
The Semi Finals are scheduled for the 8th and 9th of July:
8th of July
–    Semi Final 1: Winner Quarter Final 1 v Winner Quarter Final 2 at Belo Horizonte
9th of July
–    Semi Final 2: Winner Quarter Final 3 v Winner Quarter Final 4 at Sao Paulo

The match to establish third place will be held on the 12th of July at Brasilia. It will be between Loser Semi Final 1 and Loser Semi Final 2.

The World Cup Final

The World Cup Final will be held on the 13th of July at Rio Janeiro, where Winner Semi Final 1 and Winner Semi Final 2 will battle it out on the pitch to become the winners of the FIFA World Cup 2014.