Top 10 Cities in Brazil

It is no surprise that Brazil is one of the most popular vacation destination locations with its gorgeous beaches, Amazon rainforests, tropical sunsets and some of the most inviting, friendliest people in the world. Although, there are too many cities to mention, here is a top 10 cities in Brazil list to help get you started with your travel plans.

1. Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro – here is a city known for its great beauty, giving it a spot on Brazil’s top 10 city list. Not only does it boast hotel lined, white sandy beaches, it also hold the location of the Tijuca Forest, the second larges forest in the world. People flock to this city, not only for the nature but also to catch a glimpse at Cristo Redentor and Sugarloaf Mountain. Rio de Janiero is the place to be for Brazilians and tourists for New Years Eve where it shows the largest firework display in the world every year for almost three million people.

2. Recife

Recife – the name means reef and you will see plenty of that here. Coral reefs are found throughout Recife’s beaches. In addition to these white sand, crystal clear water locations, you can find botanical gardens here with hundreds of wild animals and a Natural Science Museum with ecological trails. The city also has the Veneza Water park, a one million sq/ft area with a whole lot of water slides. There are also plenty of historic monuments and souvenir shops here.

3. Salvador

Salvador – the coastline here is 31 miles of beaches. They range from calm inlets to areas of strong waves to accommodate sailing, diving, swimming as well as some really good surging. Salvador has four very large parks, perfect for jogging, biking and picnics with over 500 plants and flowers to observe. Culturally, the city has plenty of preserved museums since it truly is the cultural and social heritage capital in Brazil. While you’re here you will want to pick up some handcrafted Brazilian art where they make everything from raw materials.

4. Manaus

Manaus – this is a very popular eco-tourist destination. It is a cosmopolitan city and is located next to the Amazon rainforest so it attracts plenty of people who are traveling to the jungle since boats and tours are plentiful here. A large amount of wildlife can be seen here. You cal also view the meeting of the waters. This is a rare phenomenon where the Negro’s dark water and the Solimões River’s muddy waters run side by side without mixing to form the Amazon River. This is truly a phenomenon to see. If you’re looking for adventure, this is the city to visit.

5. São Paulo

São Paulo – is not only the largest city in South America but it is the third larges city in the world. This is the city to visit when you want to soak in the vast cultural influences that makes Brazil what it is today. São Paulo is a modern, cosmopolitan city with top picked museums, lovely beaches and some serious nightlife. There are different neighborhoods in the city with Italian, Japanese and Arabic (to name a few) influences and the city is known for its 62 different types of cuisine and is home to over 12,000 bars and restaurants. This city is sure to satisfy your thirst for cultural knowledge.

6. Buzios

Buzios – Brigitte Bardot, the French actress put this small city on the map in 1960. Starting out as a small fishing village, this city is popular to the rich and famous who seem to be drawn to its 24 gorgeous beaches. This is a beach resort with plenty of nightlife and an abundance of waves for the surfers. Aside from laying on the beaches, there is plenty of horseback riding, sailing or mountain bike trails. There is also a four hour boat tour around the peninsula worth checking out and don’t forget to get your picture taken sitting on the lap of the Miss Bardot statue, poised, looking out into the ocean.

7. Santarém

Santarém – the city is the first main stop when journeying up the Amazon. It is located where the Amazon meets up with the Tapajos River. A top tourist place here is the village of Alter de Chão that can be reached by car or boat. River beaches are formed here during low seasons. The city is surrounded by flooded wooded areas, many ponds and small crystal clear water lagoons.

8. Curitiba

Curitiba – this is voted as the place to live in Brazil. Curitiba finds its place in the Ombrophilous Mixed Forest. The Parana pines here are worth seeing and are protected by legislation from being logged. There are greenhouses here with botanic species that are Brazilian national symbols. The native forest homes the German Woods, Italian Woods, Japan Square, Tingüi Park, Wire Opera house, TanjuáPark, Portugal Woods and hosts The Curitiba International Ecological Marathon.

9. Brasília

Brasília – Brazil’s capital is the result of careful planning, fulfilling a dream. The idea was to build the capital inland, gaining more control of the country’s interior. The city is built in the shape of a bird and the entire city is built around large avenues and divided into sectors. Every inch of this city has been careful put together to form something spectacular. The city’s nightlife district has over 300 bars and restaurant which is sure to keep you busy for awhile. The cultural building and cathedral are the main tourist attractions as well as hang gliding. The city’s weather conditions create strong thermal winds ideal for the sport.

10. Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte – the city’s name means beautiful horizon. It is considered a city with a high quality for life. It is surrounded by mountains, plenty of parks and vegetation housing over 100 species of birds. Located there is one of the largest soccer stadiums in the world an the Praca do Pope. Many people believe the streets in this city are magical.

Whether you’re coming to Brazil for beaches or Amazon tours you will leave with much more. As you walk through the streets of any of Brazil’s beautiful cites you will learn about parts of the country’s history and how all of the cultural influences come together to form the wonderful Brazilian people. Come back over and over again to make your own top 10 cities of Brazil list.