Iguassu Brazil

It is no news that Brazilian nature is one of the most impressive in the world. The country is a home to the world largest Amazon forest and great Amazon River that each day surprise scientists with new species and plants. Not everybody knows that Amazon River is not the only great water in Brazil. There is also one of the largest and most spectacular waterfalls – Iguassu.

It is located on Brazilian-Argentinean border. The waterfall is wider than Victoria and higher than Niagara. Iguassu is a combination of 275 falls that stretch for more than a mile and a half with an average drop of 295 feet into Iguassu River that is situated below. It has been counted that each second more than 440 000 gallons of waters fall down from a massive hills of the grand waterfall.

Though the major part of Iguassu is in Argentina, there is still much to be seen from the Brazilian side. First of all it is incredible flora and fauna of the place. Iguassu is a popular national park where unique species are being kept safe and free. It is a place of exotic nature, gran sides and breathtaking views.

Tours in Iguassu

There are several ways of how you can get acquainted with most stunning waterfall in Brazil. Of course you can explore it on your own but if you are into extreme, there are some tours that will help you spice up your Iguassu trip.


One of the cheapest and most interesting tours in Iguassu is rafting. It is an hour and a half journey through the rapid hills of the fall. Though, each boat is guided, every participative goes through instruction where he/she learns all necessary information. They are also given a life jacket and a helmet. The ride is absolutely fantastic: scary, fun and unforgettable.

Macuco Jungle Ride

Another great tour is called Macuco Jungle ride. It is a 3 km tour in a comfortable open roof boat that includes spectacular views of the fall and exotic jungle adventures. During the jungle tour you will have a chance to hike the trial that leads to “Macuco Falls”. You will meet different animals, birds and if you are lucky you might even come across settlements of real Indian tribes that inhabit the area. The tour ends at the most extreme point of the waterfall – “great horseshoe” also known as a Devil Throat.

Iguassu National Park

The last of the most popular tours in Iguassu national park is a helicopter flight. Though the flight lasts only for 10 minutes there is no doubt that you will remember them forever. You will flight over the most picturesque places of the waterfall, including a canyon and a Devil’s Throat. For your safety you should remember that Helisul flight office is the only company that have all rights and license to provide such tour.

Iguassu waterfall is a natural miracle. Its beauty is breathtaking, its nature is spectacular and its people are unforgettable.