Top 10 Rio Attractions

Here are top 10 attractions that you should check while in Rio de Janeiro.

1. Christ the Redeemer Statue

Jesus Christ Statue in Rio is the most iconic attraction in the country. It became the symbol of Rio de Janeiro in 1932 when it was first introduced to public.  Its height is 32 meters and it is the largest religious statue in the world. The best time of the day to visit it is in the evening when the lights are on.

2. Sugar Loaf Mountain

The mountain is located at the Guanabar Bay and really looks like a loaf of sugar. It offers cable car rides to all visitors to enjoy the breathtaking view of the area and the panorama of the city which opens right in front of your eyes. The ride takes two or three minutes and you will have plenty of photo opportunities. If you love rock climbing this place is for you.

3. Rio de Janeiro Carnival

The world-famous Rio de Janeiro Carnival is the hottest Rio attraction and the brightest carnivals in Brazil. If you have an opportunity to plan your vacation in such a way that you can visit the Carnival it will be a lifetime experience. You will undoubtedly enjoy Brazilian samba performances of young and old dancers in colorful costumes. It is a four-day event that won’t leave you indifferent.

4. Rio de Janeiro Botanical Gardens

It’s a perfect example of Brazil nature Here are more than 140 bird varieties and 7 000 rare plant species. It is a must see attraction for nature lovers. The Gardens host the rarest seeds and samples of plants and dried fruits as well as one of the most famous botanical libraries in the world.

5. Rio de Janeiro Centro

Rio de Janeiro Centro is one of the most memorable districts and it is the best way to explore the heart of the country. Here is the perfect place to relax in the restaurant in Rio and have a cup of tea after exploring the city’s major attractions. It is also a great place for trying traditional Brazilian food.

6. H.Stern Gem Museum

H. Stern is the world’s most well-known jewel trader. The museum shows the private collection of rare stones. It explains how the stones are transformed into jewels. The museum provides guided tours which are quite interesting and informative. It is one of the Rio de Janeiro most famous attractions. It’s one of the most visited Brazil museum.

7. Copocabana Beach

This beach is the most famous one in Rio and is one of top 10 beaches in Brazil. It offers great opportunities for active vacations as well as lying on the sun and enjoying the beauty of the beach. Here you may play soccer or volleyball, try diving, snorkeling and other watersports. The beach also offers numerous bars, cafes and restaurants in Rio de Janeiro to provide you with refreshments. The beach is also known for gathering the record number of people during the New Year celebrations.

8. Ipanema Beach

This area is one of the most expensive districts in the city. It hosts the hottest nightclubs, bars and restaurants and everything here is at least 25% more expensive. It has pretty strong waves and becomes a favorite sport for surfers.

9. Museum of Carmen Miranda

The museum is fully dedicated to Carmen Miranda – a dancer and an actress. Her belongings together with bright dresses and fruit hats are exhibited here. Carmen Miranda was born in Brazil and became famous in America and was named one of the highest earning woman performer.

10. Maracana Stadium

If you are a fan of Brazilian soccer Maracana Stadium is a must see attraction for you. It was opened in 1950 and has seen the games of such famous players as Carlos Albertino, Pele, Ronaldo, Nilton Santos and Romario. The stadium also hosts concert performances. In 1990 Paul McCartney and Wings gathered a record-breaking crowd.