2016 Olympics in Rio

The long, intense bidding of the summer 2016 Olympics resulted in Brazil being the final event host. The Brazilian Olympic Committee picked Rio de Janeiro to be the most suitable city for this International event. Rid de Janeiro will be the first South American city to have the opportunity to be the host to the Summer Olympics. This event is proposed to occupy the city from August 5th to 21st, 2016.

The Brazilian Olympic Committee decided unanimously that Rid de Janeiro was the only city in Brazil that would have to the ability to accommodate Olympic-level facilities and kind of mass crowds and media attention it will bring along with it. Rio de Janeiro had previously bid for the 2004 and 2012 Summer Olympics spot but lost due to concerns of the high temperatures.

The identity symbol that Rio de Janeiro will use usually throughout the marketing process is Sugarloaf Mountain. The committee feels this natural beauty best represents the intense richness of Rio de Janeiro. Approximately two million people attended the launch of Rio de Janeiro’s slogan on Copacabana Beach. This show just how passionately involved and supportive that the people of Brazil are for their country. The city is already putting into action plans of upgrades to tourism, infrastructure, security and telecommunications. Rio de Janeiro has already approved bids of $240 billion for the Program for Growth Accelerations. They have guaranteed expense bids for medical services, security, immigrations, customs and other government services.

With the Summer 2016 Summer Olympics brings an unpredictable number of tourists. No one can really know for sure just how many people will leave behind their busy lives to witness this event first hand. There needs to be 49,750 rooms available to meet the agreed upon requirement. Rio de Janeiro plans to use condominium apartments and luxury cruise ships to accommodate a possibility of room shortages exceeding this number. High-capacity metro systems and major roads connecting the Olympic zones will be created. Bus Rapid Transit is planned to be the main source of transportation during the events. The Federal Government is taking over the responsibility of providing security for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro to ensure safe travel and visits for tourists, athletes as well as the Brazilians.

This city already has a reputation for its beauty as a top travel destination spot and the diverse culture of Brazilian people make you feel welcome no matter who you are or where you’re from which is important for Olympic fans travelling from all around the world and coming from all walks of life. Brazil has grown faster than any other country in the shortest time financially and economically. They seem to have a raw talent at succeeding at everything they do which makes Rio de Janeiro the perfect location for the 2016 Summer Olympics.