In the jungle, the mighty jungle there is a magical city called Manaus. If you think that it has only a pair of wooden houses and several tribe people – you are more than wrong. Manaus is a well-developed city, with its own infrastructure, schools, universities, bars, pubs, museums and everything a modern city should have.

Manaus is the capital and the main port of Amazonia. It is also the center of international flights to Amazonia. The city is situated in the depth of mighty jungles, on the bay of Queen River – Amazon. Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and an incredible wildlife, the city is one of the most attractive places to visit in Brazil.

Manaus was found in 1669 by the Portuguese explorers. It was an observation point, which soon became the capital of the Amazon province. It became world-famous in XVIII century during the elastic boom. The city was successfully growing into the world class capital.

If not to look at the jungles that surround the city from the 3 sides, Manaus can be honestly called a beautiful European city. Calm streets, ancient palaces, beautiful gardens and cozy cafes are mixed with traditional Latino style dance halls and bright bars.

Walking through the streets of Manaus you will find little markets with traditional products and shoeblacks who appear as if from nowhere. It is hard to imagine but right there, in the wild nature, you will find the world-famous Opera House that was built in 1896. All building materials for the building were brought from Europe despite enormous delivery costs. Till present days, Manaus Opera House gives concerts, operas and ballets. And now imagine that only in 10 minutes’ walk from the center of the city there are thatched with palm branches houses where real Indian tribe people live.

In Manaus you can observe almost a fantastic phenomena: there is a place where dark waters of Rio Nehru join yellow waters of Solimoez River. The waters of these lakes have different temperature so they never mix and for more than 2 km great Amazon River looks as if divided into two parts: dark and light. This impressive phenomenon is known as “a wedding of rivers”.

Manaus is considered to be one of the cleanest cities in the world in ecological aspect. Due to its location it is a starting point to get acquainted with Amazon forest. There is one of Amazon tours that will surely impress any visitor. It is a night cruise that starts after sunset so you can enjoy famous sunset of Rio Negro. Tourists are placed into comfortable boats that go down the dark waters of Rio Negro. When they rich Ganuari Lake they change to small canoes and together with a guide they continue their voyage through the narrow channels of the Jungles. During this tour one can see crocodiles, piranhas and many-more wild animals that inhabit the area. There are also various daytime excursions by boat and on foot.

Beautiful and exciting city Manaus can be reached by plane from Rio de Janeiro.