Education in Brazil

Today Brazil has 973 educational institutions that include 153 universities, institute centers and various courses.

Brazil educational system includes governmental and private schools and universities. Private universities can be partly sponsored and governmental universities are always free at any level of education. The achievement of university diploma puts you to the first stage in the educational system of Brazil. The second stage (pos- graduacao) will give you advanced scientific qualification. This type is usually centered in federal universities.

The largest universities in Brazil are centered in large cities like Rio-de- Janeiro, San-Paulo and Brasilia.

University Centers

University centers are believed to be the most popular and advanced type of higher educational institutions in Brazil. It is so because they are autonomic, no governmental or religious offices can control their budget or educational program. This autonomy gives them endless priorities over other institutions. That is why the centers can provide several renovations like creation and development of different scientific programs and plans that touch every branch of knowledge. What is more they can change the number of existing available places of students if there is such a request.

San-Paulo University

The most famous university in Brazil is located in a fine city San-Paulo. San-Paulo University is considered to be the best one in the country. It consists of 9 campuses 4 of which are situated in San-Paulo. The main campus is called Armando do san Oliveira. University takes part in all spheres of scientific programs and was named the best academic institution in Latin America. It has enormous territory which includes numerous libraries, cafes and party centers. It also has one of the top Brazil museums like museum of Modern Art, Historical museum and historical museum of san-Paulo.

Campinas University

Another great Brazilian university is situated in Campinas. It is the city that spread popularity of higher education. Campinas is the third most popular university center in Brazil. Campinas scientists work on facilities that create electricity from air and many more world important innovations. Campinas University is said to the most fun place to study. University politic is to make sure everybody is enjoying what he/she is doing. There is even a compulsive psychological test that identifies if this or that profession is suitable for you.

Federal University

One more important Brazilian University is Federal University. It is situated in Rio-de-Janeiro and has 11 filial branches that are spread throughout the world. It is one of the largest federal universities in the country. UFRJ was established in 1920 and is one of the top universities in Latin America. Apart from students and postgraduates this university has 7 museums, 8 student hospitals, hundreds of laboratories and more than 40 libraries. The main campus has a technological park – Rio that is a scientific and technological innovation center. It also has music school, national museum and a world famous Valongo observatory.

All in all there are hundreds of places to study. The most important is to know either Portuguese, Spanish, French or English languages. One more thing is that you should have a yellow-fever vaccination. But above it all you should understand that studying in Brazil means a lot of fun. Young Brazilian students will wake you even before a very important exam so you can enjoy a wild and absolutely crazy nightlife in Brazil.