Top Theme Parks in Brazil

Brazil is a huge country in South America, known for its gorgeous diverse scenery, lively carnivals, and interesting culture. Thousands of people flock to Brazil every year, drawn by delights such as Iguazu Falls, the mighty Amazon river, pristine beaches, and icons such as the Christ the Redentor statue. There is a variety of activities and adventures to enjoy in this vast country of contrasts. There are also several theme parks located across the country. These make a great break from the sight-seeing trail. Visitors can take a day or two to simply have fun. Squeals and shrieks, thrills and spills are guaranteed for all. They are also excellent options for families with children. A theme park offers a fun filled day for the whole family.

Beto Carrero World

Brazil is home to the biggest theme park in the South American continent. It is also amongst the largest theme park in the world. The enormous Beto Carrero World has different zones, with a theme park, a zoo, and various shows. It is in Santa Catarina. There are various food and beverage outlets within the park area.

In the zoo section at Beto Carrero World there are hundreds of different kinds of animals. They include elephants, tigers, giraffes, and bears. On the Island of the Monkeys, visitors can get up close and personal with the animals, free from bars and cages. There is a section for baby animals, and a part called Runway to the Tigers, where guests can traverse a high runway between cages of big cats, such as tigers, lions, and jaguars. Palace of the Serpents is home to many snakes, there are huge aviaries, and the Primate Center is one of the park’s main draws.

There are rides for children, including in the Carousel area, the ferris wheel, and the cable car. There are paddleboats on the glistening lake. The Palace of Ice Cream is a real novelty. Visitors can enjoy a helicopter ride, high above the park, or get behind the wheel of fast cars such as Lamborghinis and Ferraris. The motion simulator film is really enjoyable. Various main events are hosted in Events Square. There are shows including lights, pyrotechnics, music, acrobats, and more. Rides include Raskapuska, where boats journey through a fictional land deep inside a mountain.

In the German Village you will find a traditional bier haus, a teacup ride, bumper cars, a fantastic show of jousting, a rollercoaster and a large children’s play area. The Wild West is an area built to look like the authentic Wild West, complete with saloons and other buildings, an Indian Village, horses, a fabulous show, an attraction where one can learn all about the Brazilian cowboy, and a memorial to the park’s creator and founder.

Pirate’s Island sits in the middle of a lake, reached by suspension bridge. The House of Mirrors, Cave Pirates, Pirate Ship and Gelleon are amongst the attractions here. In Radical Adventures you will find a number of heart racing rides, sure to get the adrenalin pumping. With names such as The Big Tower, Freefall, the Portal of Darkness, and FireWhip, you can tell what is in store.  There is an extreme show, a gaming area, and more.  Fantasyland is fun, with an Arab Village, Aztec community, dinosaur cave, Land of the Giants, and Enchanted Valley amongst the area’s features.  There is a karting track that adults love.

Hopi Hari

Hopi Hari is another favourite Brazilian theme park, located just outside Sao Paulo. There is an old school rollercoaster, which is one of the most popular park attractions.  It is good for adults and kids, and offers a selection of rides, food and drink outlets, a souvenir shop, pretty grounds, and other forms of entertainment.  You can expect to wait in long queues for most attractions, but it is nonetheless a great place to spend a day out of your Brazilian vacation.

Beach Park is situated near to the beach of Porto das Dunas in the district of Aquiraz. It is a large water park, which offers something for everyone. There is also a hotel, a museum, food and drink outlets, and gift shops. It is a very modern water park, which is one of the biggest seaside aquatic parks in the world. There is an artificial river, a variety of slides, waterfalls, and heaps more. It is safe and fun.

For more water based fun, visitors can go to Wet ‘n’ Wild. In Sao Paulo, the Playcenter offers oodles of fun. Parque Turma da Monica, in Guruja, and Mirabilandia are also top choices for theme parks in Brazil.