Brazil Grand Prix

Besides carnivals, beautiful scenery and busy nightlife Brazil is also popular for hosting Brazil Grand Prix – a part of the Formula 1 championship.  It takes place in Sao Paulo at the Interlagos district circuit. It was first held here in 1972 and in a year it was included into the official calendar of the event.

In 1979 and during the period of 1982-1989 the race was held in Rio de Janeiro but in 1990 it moved back to Sao Paulo and since then it has always been held here. Formula 1 is extremely popular around the world and Brazilians love their Grand Prix as much as the rest of the world.

Brazil Grand Prix is believed to be one of the most challenging races in Formula 1. The majority of races are clockwise and Brazilian one is counter-clockwise. There are hills, some extremely difficult turns and higher elevation. It is also usually the last race in the F1 and it means that this Grand Prix is the defining one.

Brazil Grand Prix existence became possible thanks to Emerson Fittipaldi – Brazilian automobile racing driver well-known all over the world thanks to his long and successful career. He was making his name in Formula One and wanted to run a race in his own country and now it is held in his home town Sao Paulo.

In the very beginning the race was 8 km but later in 1990 it was made 4,3 km and became one of the shortest. The cars used in modern Formula One have an open cockpit, a single seat and have an engine located behind the driver. It is regulated that all the cars are to be constructed by racing teams themselves while the manufacture and design can be outsourced.

Brazilian Grand Prix has seen many outstanding events which went down to the history of F1. Here in 2005 Fernando Alonso became the youngest Formula One World Champion. Brazil Grand Prix in 2006 was the final round of the season and has witnessed Schumacher’s farewell to Formula One before his return in 2010.

Formula One racing is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is loved by numerous people all over the world and Brazilians are not the exception, they are extremely proud of their race and drivers. Brazilian drivers win the race regularly, in the last five years they managed to do it twice.

Five Brazilian drivers have won the Brazilian Grand Prix, among them are Nelson Piquet,  Felipe Massa, Ayrton Senna and Emerson Fittipaldi himself. They all have won the race twice, Jose Carlos Pace managed to do it once while Machael Schumacher an Carlos Reutemann did it 4 times. Alan Prost however made it 6 times.