Flights to Brazil

When making reservations for flights to Brazil, be sure to do your homework. Airfare to this beautiful country can vary greatly from airline to airline. Brazil has become one of the top vacation destination countries in the world with good reason. White sandy Brazilian beaches wrap fro miles along the coastline with tropical rainforests and top rated resorts. Some air companies are asking ridiculous prices, when they know they can get away with it, while others are offering much more reasonable accommodations. Brazil houses a large number of airports, hundreds actually, some paved and some not paved. With it being one of the largest countries in the world it really requires a great deal of airline transportation. Although there are several airports, not all of them accept flights at all times.

The two most popular airports receiving flights to Brazil at all times are the Antonio Carlos Jobim Airport in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo Congonhas airport in Sao Paulo. Costs will always vary based on what country you are flying in from, the time of day that you fly in, what day during the week you are arriving and departing, holidays and how far in advance you book your flight to Brazil.

If you are flying in from the UK, British Airways offers flights to Brazil as well as TAM Linhas and Thomson. Flights to Brazil from the USA can arrive on TAM Linhas, Delta and Continental airlines most commonly. If you are flying into Brazil from South America you have a large variety of airlines to choose from including Aerolineas Argentina, LAN airlines, TACA, Ocean Air, Gol Airlines, TAM Airlines and Varig Airlines. Asian and African flights to Brazil come into the country via South Africa Airways, Air Japan and Air China. Many Brazilian airports accept direct flights worldwide.

Brazil is located on the Southern Hemisphere of the world; therefore their summer is December through March, leaving their winter months to be June through September. If you have been longing to plan a getaway to Brazil but really are looking for a good deal than visiting anytime from May to October is ideal. It is quite a bit less expensive to fly in and temperatures are generally still quite mild and in the upper 70s. Keep in mind that holiday season such as Carnaval, Brazil’s upcoming hosting of the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics, will require you to book your flights to Brazil early to get the best deal.