Brazil Nightlife

Nightlife in Brazil is filled with bright colors, hot Latin dances and overall fun. Countless restaurants, bars and night clubs will took you to the depth of entertainment and joy. The main center of a night life is Rio-De-Janeiro. This place was even called “The National Park of Pleasance”. The city has more than 5 million of party-goers that are usually called “Cariocas”. Indeed, a city like Guanabara, can offer many types of entertainment for any taste and any age.

If New-York is a city that never sleeps than Rio-De-Janeiro was the city that taught it how to do it. The party doesn’t stop even for a minute. It is enough just to go to one of the top 10 beaches in Brazil like Copacabana, Ipanema or Leblon to ascertain that this city lives in non-stop rhythm, not paying attention at such a meaningless thing as a change of a day and night.

The best way to start your global party is to feed yourself well, which is basically to prepare the body to total fun, alcohol and no sleep. Try, A Casa de Tata gastronomia, a wonderful budget place with delicious Brazilian food that will full you for the night. Then take a look at the Jesus statue on a Corcovado hill, who is flying above the city and go in for your journey.

The entire city is about samba, when locals hear it they cannot help dancing so all the streets are filled with bright and merry Cariocas who will invite you to dance with them.

The Lapa square has three main cabarets: Novo Mexico, Carossel and Campablacho. These places will show you real carnivals, the only thing that is different is the size of it. Beautiful Brazilian girls in bright costumes will take you to the world of hot dancing that will make you forget about anything in the world.

The fanciest restaurant in the neighborhood is Trópicos de Ipanema Restaurante. The place is situated on one of the main beaches of the city Ipanema and has the most extravagant design that is nicely combined with delicious food and diverting programs.

To get acquainted with a true Brazilian life one should forget about everything, drink a margarita and go dance on one of the biggest open-air dance floors. They are all called “Gafierias”, the best example of such is Asa Branca which is a very democratic place that hosts people from all over the world. Any age or social position is not important as long as you are dancing samba. Wild music and friendly people will let you feel the real spirit of a sunny country. The only tip is to make sure that you took enough money and put them in a safe place, because such places always attract thieves.

Don’t worry about the morning: Brazilians have a very short memory and total understanding. When the lights are on, the drums are playing and the beautiful Brazilian girls are laughing one can easily forget about tomorrow and enjoy the wild and wonderful Brazilian nights.