Brazilian Wild Tribes

Brazil is known as unknown country.  Festivals, bright clothes, loud music, all this hides the secretes that lie in the great Amazon River. The nearby basin is often called the Earth lungs, its flora and fauna is studied only for 25%. Besides animals, the forest is inhabited with people, so-called uncontacted tribes.

Yanomamo Indian tribe

A very good example of such is Yanomamo Indian tribe. It is said to be the biggest tribe, its population is 11700. The first contact was established in 1929. The tribe speaks Panomo, Parimi and Kobali dialects. The tribe is living deep in the jungle of Brazil and Venezuela. These Indian tribes are the most primitive and culturally intact people. They are literary a Stone Age people. The researches show that this tribe is more than 8000 years old, has primitive for our time culture. They have never invented the wheel and they don’t have any metal except for that they found outside of their reservation.

The tribe has a very interesting culture. They are divided into groups – families. Each group has a preceptor. They live in wooden round-shape buildings and come to the river during the draught. The tribe is known as hunters, they hunt most of the animals and eat cook them with a help of fire. They cremate the dead and after it they put the dust into the drinks so they bellowed will become a part of them and they will stay with forever. They gained a maximum balance between them and environment.

Sanima and Ninam

Their territory covers more than 192 000 square kilometers and is situated on the both sides of the Amazon River. Other two tribes Sanima, Ninam belong to the same linguistic group as Yanomami. Total population of Yanomami in Brazil and Venezuela is estimated up to 26000 people. Each family is believed to be autonomic; they have their rules and rights. Members of the tribe prefer to marry inside the group of kin of the cross-cousin or even daughter and son. Though their relationships are taken place mostly inside the family they have a matrimonial, ceremonial and exchange relationships with other groups.

If to look from the helicopter their houses look like a series of circles. Each circle has its own purpose. The first circle has a five kilometer radius and is used for small women gathering, summer fishing and agricultural work. The second circle has 10 kilometers radius and is used for individual hauntings and sometimes family gatherings. The third circle is 20 kilometers and is generally used for collective hauntings that are a sort of expeditions that last up to two weeks, sometimes they perform funeral rituals.

This absolutely unique tribe is one of the last on the Earth. A famous scientist and a medicine man known as David Yanomami says if we, white people, continue to destruct our Land we will extinct for sure altogether with rain forest and these tribes.