Top Brazil Museums

Practically all tourists associate Brazil with everlasting carnivals and football. But, in fact, Brazil is a famous cultural country, not only in Latin America but in the whole world. And it is not surprising. Lots of famous architects, writers and composers were born in Brazil.

From the enormous cultural heritage of Brazil it is important to emphasize Brazilian museums that have always been an important trademark of the country.

To start with, it is important to visit one of the most famous museums in Brazil- National Historical museum. This museum is located in a beautiful complex Santiago-Forte. The complex was constructed in 1603 and was firstly used as a prison and an armory. Historical museum has more than 280 000 exhibits that have been collected from all the parts of the country for 75 years. The collection is dedicated to the history of Latin America. Almost the half of the collection consists of books of the XV century; the other half consists of everyday objects like accessories, arms, paintings, photos, historical documents and many more. It takes a good hours to see all these treasures, just imagine that the total area is 20 000 square km.

Another interesting museum is Archeological museum in San-Paulo. It plays an important role in the cultural life of Brazil. The museum has more than 100 000 of material objects that date from the depth of the unrecorded time till present days. What makes it even more interesting is that it is located in the beautiful building of the territory of university and has a pretty large library that includes more than 40 000 books.

For those who admire biographic museums – “Carmen Miranda” museum is a must-see place. Maria du Carmu Miranda da Cunia is the most famous Brazilian. As a child she was brought to Rio de Janeiro from Portugal. She released her first Cd in 1929 but she gained world fame by shooting in the movies. In 1932 she appeared in her first film that gave made her the most popular actress in the world. In 1941 Carmen Miranda was evaluated in USA, she was the first woman from Latin America to get a star in the Hollywood alley. When she died, in 1955, more than 500 000 people came to say their final goodbyes to the most beautiful and talented actress in Latin America.

The enormous love to football in Brazil has led to the construction of the first Football museum in the world. “Museo de Futebol” was grandly opened in San-Paulo. The ceremony was opened by the world best footballer Pele. The World Cup price is the most important and glorious object in the museum. Together with the price there is a room that is fitted with several TV panels that show football matches throughout the day. “There are many museums in the world: Louvre, the museum of Madame Tussauds, but there is no museum that is dedicated to the most famous sport game – football. I think people will be surprised when they come here.” said Pele.

Besides, these museums there are many other interesting and fascinating museums in Brazil. The museum of Rio-de-Janeiro and Second World War museum will make your tip to Brazil not only fun but quite cognitive.