Brazil is a land of diverse. Here, among ever green rainforest you can find tall skyscrapers, modern entertainment centers and spectacular theaters.

One of the most famous cities in Brazil is surely Rio de Janeiro. The city is usually compared to New York – the one that never sleeps. And indeed, Rio is one of those extreme places where one can find absolutely everything 24 hours a day. Beautiful parades, impressive carnivals, long beaches, interesting museum and fabulous parties make this city a must see place on the Earth.

But among this crazy and fun chaos, in only 170 km from the entertainment capital, one can find truly heaven made islands that we usually see on the images of a paradise-like post-cards.

A little fishing village Buzios, was originally settled by slave traders and dangerous pirates. The place was unknown to the world till the early 60’s when Bridgette Bardot and her boyfriend came here for a short vacation. It was Bridgette who called this place one of the most incredible spots in the world. Very soon, after actresses’ announcement Buzios became one of the most visited places in the whole country.

The peninsula, which is surrounded by 8 km of different island and magnificent beaches, has recently been called one of the top 10 most beautiful places in the world.

Buzios is a land of pure and wild nature. At least 6 beaches are protected by Brazilian government and are said to be a national heritage. The peninsula is not only white sand beaches and lines of palm trees; it is also bushy rainforests that are inhabited with various species that are said to extinct all over the world. These forests are famous for mysterious Pao- Brazilian – trees that are famous for incredible beauty. Here one can come across a golden lion, numerous monkeys, parrots and thousands of butterflies and birds.

Buzios is washed by ocean current from Antarctic and Brazil. The western beaches are presenting crystal clear, warm waters while eastern part is gratifying with endless ocean and high mountains. These lands can be both explored on your own or in a group tour, which can be a simple hike or an extreme journey for few days. Among most popular tours are boar rides, laser sailing, trekking and mountain biking. There are places for diving, fishing and even sky diving so you shouldn’t worry about outdoor activities.

The land is also known for its gastronomic talents, which are presented in countless restaurants and cafes that cook delicious food for any taste. The most demanding tastes can be pleased by Moroccan, Italian and French cuisine, which are presented by thousands of immigrants who came here for a vacation but end up by moving here for good.

Buzios is simply a great place to enjoy life in all aspects and styles. So, if you are looking for a real vacation you should definitely consider it as a must visit.